Mega Electronics Ltd

Mega Electronics Ltd has specialised in physiological monitoring technology for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, cardiology, neurology, neurophysiology, occupational health and sports medicine since 1983. The company has developed advanced technology for EMG, ECG and EEG monitoring applications, both in hospital laboratory and field conditions. Mega Electronics offers complete solutions for customer needs in different medical applications worldwide and serves customers in top level hospitals and research laboratories worldwide. The company deploys the medical device quality system ISO 13485:2003 and has CE-marked and FDA approved devices in the market.

Main tasks in the WOMEN-UP project

The role of Mega Electronics Ltd is to design and produce the EMG measurement device for biofeedback-assisted pelvic floor muscle training to treat urinary incontinence, supported by long experience with the FemiScan product range. The role includes also expertise and consultation on medical device regulations and commercialisation in different parts of the world.