Kuopio University Hospital

Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) is one of the five university hospitals in Finland. KUH is responsible for the tertiary health care in Eastern Finland. KUH closely collaborates with the University of Eastern Finland in education, training and research. It has all the medical specialities for which it acts as a teaching hospital. It is the largest trainer of medical doctors in Finland with its 1,000 doctor trainees and 1,000 trainees for other specialities. KUH is one of Finland´s five university hospitals, and it takes care of Eastern Finland´s university hospital district.

Main tasks in the project

Main tasks in the project: KUH will be one of the clinical sites for testing the new technology and concept with UI patients in therapy settings. KUHs´ tasks will be devoted to the collection of patients, clinical trials and support to the stratification of patients, and development of the care concept and patient information.