European Urogynaecological Association

The European Urogynaecological Association (EUGA) is a membership organisation which exists to facilitate the study and teaching of all aspects of urinary tract and pelvic floor dysfunction.  Through our Annual Conress, CME-accredited training courses and other Europe-wide professional networking opportunities, EUGA promotes the subspecialty of Urogynaecology throughout Europe.  Our audit and accreditation programmes allow us to recognise and promote high standards and quality of urogynaecological training and practice with the ultimate goal of improving and promoting a high standard of practice across Europe.

Main tasks in the project

The role of EUGA is fully aligned with the aims of this association which are to facilitate the study of all aspects of urinary tract and of pelvic floor dysfunction, including diagnosis and treatment; to cooperate with other scientific and medical societies, universities and organizations; and to spread the knowledge about the issue among others. This role will mainly consist of the collection of requirements from therapists, as well as the dissemination of the project results. The final WOMEN-UP workshop is expected to coincide with the Annual Congress of EUGA.