Babes-Bolyai University

Babes-Bolyai University (BBU) is a multi-cultural university, with teaching programs in Romanian, Hungarian, German and English (BA, MA/MSc and PhD). BBU has 21 faculties, more than 45,000 students, and an experienced teaching and research staff of over 1,700. The Department of Psychology occupies the first position in Romanian academic ratings, based on its high quality academic achievements and prodigious research activity. Within the Department, the Health Psychology Research Group (HPRG) coordinates a master program and conducts studies in the area of the role of socioeconomic, emotional, cognitive and behavioural factors in relation to health and illness, with a focus on behavioural change and primary and secondary prevention of chronic disease and increasing the quality of care.

Main tasks in the project

The HPRG of the BBU will take a leading role within the project in facilitating patients’ engagement in treatment and assuring that the ICT-based system is user-friendly and answers patients’ needs. Also, the impact of the treatment on quality of life and the day to day experience of patients will be measured in order to investigate the effectiveness of the system.