The WOMEN-UP project is a European consortium of experts committed to an innovative breakthrough in the management and treatment of female urinary incontinence. We are developing an advanced and innovative ICT-based solution for UI that empowers women through self-management of this chronic disease, while greatly reducing the cost of long-term care and shortening waiting lists.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises are a long-known effective treatment, but the main difficulty is that patients must adhere to a periodic schedule of training. Such a demanding routine is hard to maintain, resulting in failure. WOMEN-UP is conceived to tackle this.

With this new technology, instructions for training are received via the app with interactive games and biofeedback. These instructions will include patient diaries and personal exercising protocols. These features will help patients to self-manage their training, to receive input on lifestyle interventions and to find motivation in order to follow the routine. The proposed system will decrease the frequency of patients visiting the clinic, therefore, raising the number of patients treated.

women-up project

An app for the patient’s smartphone with an intuitive interface and “serious games” that provide a fun and efficient way to carry out the PFMT exercises and also their automatic real time evaluation. The app will collect PFMT and lifestyle performance data to a secure web server in contact with the Hospital.

A wearable set for pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) at home, including an abdominal belt with a set of sensors embedded in and a vaginal probe, all connected to a device for recording and conditioning electromyographic signals from both the abdomen and the pelvic floor that sends data to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

A web platform in communication with the Hospital Information System that will permit the patient-therapist interaction and will include a Clinical Management Program to allow the therapist to review fast, easy and remotely the patient's home treatment.

WOMEN-UP project


  • To improve women’s health by providing lifestyle changes through an integrated and multifactorial treatment.
  • To develop an ICT-based system to facilitate a holistic solution for a conservative home treatment: Lifestyle interventions and pelvic floor muscle training with remote clinical assessment and supervision.
  • To make eHealth tools for UI more effective, user-friendly and widely accepted by involving professionals and patients in strategy, design and implementation.
  • To assess the cost-efficiency of the proposed ICT- solution for significantly reducing health system costs.
  • To increase patient adherence by engagement in biofeedback content games and social networks.
  • To improve access to care and quality of care by promoting health sector efficiency.